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Ebony Wood Towel Tray

Ebony Wood Towel Tray

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An elegant display of hygiene and practicality, our Pure Ebony Wood Towel Tray is sure to be a standout feature at your dinner table or restaurant. Crafted from pure Ebony wood, this compressed towel holder is hand-carved with indents to place the towelettes and two holes for warm water to activate the towelettes. Carefully polished to showcase its deep, dark hue and fine grain, this charming piece of dinner table decor will leave your friends, family, or guests impressed. Once they arrive, drop the towels into the warm water, and let them help themselves to clean, warm towels before their meal.


  • Material: Pure Ebony wood
  • Holds 2 compressed towels
  • Perfect for home or restaurant use
  • Handcrafted
  • Limited Availability
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