About Us

MiRafiki is a love letter from one artist to Africa’s breathtaking artistry. The dedication of the artisans to their craft and their exquisite, handcrafted creations left me completely mesmerized during my first visit to Zambia, Africa with my husband. It immediately reinvigorated my passion for art, painting, fashion, and humanities, that I once produced before taking a long hiatus myself. Also, I knew right then that more people deserved to experience the exceptional beauty and quality of the artwork and culture Africa has to offer. So, I started a collection exploring the many cultures, exclusive paintings, sculptures, and pieces of local fashion that’ll touch hearts all around the world. Each piece of art in my collection is a rare find, handmade by myself or local artisans. 

The grace and elegance of African fashion inspired me to start  my own clothing line of regal dresses, creating chic adaptations of the classic kaftan, maxi, and bubu dresses for the modern woman. Working with luxurious silk and silk-like fabrics, I ensure that each dress I create is accessible for any woman with sophisticated tastes. The fabrics I use, sourced from the finest manufacturers in Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa, are never mass-produced. In the same way, every dress I make is handcrafted in limited quantities. Some of those are singular creations and never replicated—they’re a rare personal treasure, unique only to you.

Experience the Exceptional Beauty & Artwork

Join us as we celebrate artistry that transcends boundaries and unites us in the shared love all things unique and beautiful.