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Kaftan Bubu Dress

Kaftan Bubu Dress

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Glide through the day with effortless poise in our African-inspired Kaftan Bubu Dress. Made of pure silk and silk-like fabrics, this maxi dress gracefully drapes and flows around your body, for a relaxed, confident silhouette. Drawstrings cinch the waist and also, adjust the length of the dress, highlighting your curves and creating a striking high-low hemline. The smooth, lustrous fabric shimmers delicately as it catches the light while its lightweight airiness keeps things comfortable, whether it’s brunch with the girls or an elegant evening soiree.

  • Material: Silk and silk-like fabric
  • Loose Kimono sleeves
  • Neck: Deep V
  • Hidden drawstrings on the inside offer an adjustable fit
  • Handmade in limited numbers

Each dress is individually handmade and delicately crafted to give a unique look.

Once your order is received, we work meticulously crafting your very own exclusive dress, therefore, any order placed after 3pm EST, will be processed the next business day. It takes 12 -14 business days to receive your order.

Please Note: NEW fabric is re-stocked once a month. Once a particular fabric is out of stock we cannot restock it. This adds to the uniqueness of your purchase.

HAND WASH (Most Recommended): Hand washing is the best way to wash most MiRafiki garments.

RINSE: Rince and squeeze your garments gently, but thoroughly in fresh, running cold or cool water. Remember not to wring or twist the garment harshly.

MACHINE WASHING : Set your washing machine on the short delicate cycle.
DRY QUICKLY: The garments are made with very light weight fabric so it dries quickly. So, after you have finished rinsing, wrap the length of your garment in a large thick towel and squeeze the towel gently to remove any excess water from the garment. At this point, the garment is ready to be ironed while it is still damp or slightly wet. Never let the garment dry completely. If the garment is dry or has dried, it is best to use a water spritzer or mister to dampen or lightly wet the garment before ironing.
IRONING: Be sure not to use the hot steam from the steam iron to dampen the garment. The steam from the hot iron can create marks and other problems. To iron garment without damaging it, it’s crucial that you use the lowest heat setting on your iron. Many irons have a silk setting, in which case this is most ideal setting to use. Simply turn the garment inside out, lay the garment flat on the ironing board, place the press cloth on top, and then iron. You can also use a handkerchief, pillowcase, or hand towel instead of a press cloth.
**CAUTION** DO NOT use a machine dryer or a drying machine for your garment.
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