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Harmony in Asymmetry

Harmony in Asymmetry

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The Harmony In Asymmetry is a contemporary minimalist artwork, where each segment celebrates the artist's mastery of restraint and understanding of balance. Solid and soft shapes, clean lines, and contrasting colors are held together with the delicate balance of geometric stability. The asymmetrical sides of the painting merge at the middle with ease, just like two distinct melodies converging into a singular, harmonious tune. Drawing focus to itself no matter where you place it, this geometric wall art inspired introspection. As the eyes wander slowly around the painting and focus on each element, a distinct meaning unfolds each time.

  • Minimalist geometric patterns
  • Canvas wall art
  • Hand-painted by artisans from Africa
  • One-of-a-kind art piece
  • Size: 1.8 meters X 1.3 meters / 70.86in X 51.18in
  • Limited number will be created
  • Customized sizes are available upon request.
**If another size is desired, please contact us before placing order**
**Please be advised, any painting 100cm X 100cm (39 x 39in) or larger will be shipped by means of rolled canvas ONLY**

Size and material options:
If you would like another exact size that will fit more perfectly to your space, please note - that sizes are flexible and can be made according to the extent you wish.
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